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The Institute for the Study of Ideologies and Literature (ISIL) is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Minnesota and housed in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies, University of Minnesota. Professor Hernán Vidal is the ISIL legal representative. The ISIL mission is to promote literary and cultural studies in the Hispanic academic field with well-defined socio-historical approaches.

Between 1976 and 1987 the ISIL published the journal Ideologies and Literature (I&L) and a series of monographs that decisively contributed to the renovation of the field of Hispanic literary/cultural studies according to its mission. Between 1986 and 1992 the ISIL was instrumental in establishing the series Literature and Human Rights at a period when issues of Human Rights were a foremost humanitarian preoccupation in the Latin American countries and in the United States academia.

At present the ISIL is re-initiating the publication of its monographs with the Serie Estudios Culturales. The series is designed to promote the study of literary and cultural issues in the Humanities related to the impact of the globalization process on Hispanic societies and national cultures. Special consideration will be given to matters of Human Rights. It is a refereed publication that counts in its Editorial Board outstanding scholars in the field of Hispanic studies and publishes in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. This publishing venue has been especially designed to support the work of young scholars initiating their academic career.

Professor Hernán Vidal, editor of the Serie Estudios Culturales (vidal001@umn.edu)

Editorial Board
Beatriz González Stephan, Rice University
Neil Larsen, University of California, Davis
Alicia del Campo, California State University, Long Beach
Mabel Moraña, Washington University at St. Louis
Javier Sanjinés, University of Michigan
Ana Forcinito, University of Minnesota
Juan Villegas, University of California, Irvine
John Beverley, University of Pittsburgh
Brad Epps, Harvard University
Nicholas Spadaccini, University of Minnesota
Román de la Campa, University of Pennsylvania
Carlos Blanco Aguinaga, University of California, San Diego
Gustavo Verdesio, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The Institute for the Study of Ideologies and Literature is also establishing a website devoted to the discussion of theoretical, practical and specific issues related to the teaching and research on Human Rights in times of peace and armed conflict – Hermenéuticas para el Estudio de los Derechos Humanos. We invite teachers and researchers in the Hispanic fields in the Humanities to post material in the website. Propose materials to the editors:

Hernán Vidal

Ana Forcinito

Associate Editor (I&L online)
Carlos Báez-Ronquillo


In conjunction with the University of Minnesota Libraries, in the near future the ISIL will provide an on-line, digitalized version of the journal Ideologies and Literature.

Institute for the Study of Ideologies and Literature
University of Minnesota

El Institute for the Study of Ideologies and Literature, University of Minnesota, inicia nuevamente sus publicaciones monográficas sobre las literaturas y culturas hispánicas. Se trata de la Serie Estudios Culturales que dará a conocer material de análisis e interpretación literaria y cultural utilizando estrategias socio-históricas.

El Institute for the Study of Ideologies and Literature invita a los investigadores a considerar esta serie para dar a conocer sus investigaciones. Se dará una bienvenida especial a las investigaciones de profesores que inician la carrera académica. El material presentado será evaluado de acuerdo con los protocolos usuales en la profesión (refereed system). El comité editorial incluye algunas de las personalidades académicas más distinguidas de nuestro campo. Se considerarán manuscritos en inglés, español y portugués.

Dirigir consultas a:

Profesor Hernán Vidal (vidal001@umn.edu)
Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies
University of Minnesota
51 Folwell Hall
9 Pleasant Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455